I am absolutely ecstatic at how many people have been enjoying my blog, so far! I am moving this blog over HERE. Please follow me and continue to see sewing and crafting posts.

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My New Sewing Room!

Once upon a time, I had a sewing room. I had to share it with the computer but I still had a large work area beside my drawers and cabinets. Then it happened…

…the computer room needed to be turned into a full blown office and my work space was gone, my drawers and cabinets stuck in a corner (cue sad violin music). I was forced to carry my sewing machine out to the dinning room table when I needed to use it and move it again when the table was required for eating or homework.

This was NOT conducive to creativity.

Oh how quickly things can change, though.

In early October, I was looking at our messy storage area in the basement and got to thinking that it had just enough space for a sewing room. What tipped the balance was that we really do need a guest room since my In-Laws live out of state and we love having them stay with us during visits.

So started our project. First thing needed was to clear out the construction area.

Pile o' Stuff on the opposite side of the basement

The Space to be Remodled...or Modeled since it's not really anything right now

Cleared out, we sealed the bricks and cement.

I just love a fresh coat of paint!

Then my wonderful husband could frame in the walls…

…and drywall.


I Mudded, sanded, primed, and painted.

We also installed a suspended ceiling

Brought in the guys from Lots Of Carpet…



And I have my room!

Looking Through The Door

There's the Slipcovered Chair (and some pillows I made as well)


I absolutely love having my own creative space and that it’s organized, too! When I step through the door I feel relaxed, peaceful, and ready to sew/paint/craft.  I do need to finish trimming the door frames, touch up the wall in some areas, and install doorknobs, though.

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Straight up Slippin’, Boo! Using a Bed Sheet for a Slipcover

I’m so close to having my own creative space! The walls are up and painted a cheery yellow. Next we put in the drop ceiling and carpet. Woo hoo!

Something I will need after all the construction stuff is complete, is lovely furniture. I’ve already begun painting old cabinets…

(It's sideways)

… My project yesterday involved a cute little arm-chair. Just the thing for relaxing!

Thrifted from my local Goodwill

What? You don’t think it’s so cute? You don’t see it working with cheery yellow walls?

Neither do I.

So I took myself over to Joann’s and priced out the upholstery fabric for recovering (which happens to be 50% off this week).

Yeah…not gonna happen on my budget. I have expensive tastes.

Fortunately my quilting experience has taught me, a great way to get lots of fabric very cheaply is to buy a sheet. I got a full size set at a super store for right around $20, less than half of the price of the material at Joann’s.

First thing I did was to take that horrible trim from the bottom.

Borrowing an idea from the now defunct Trading Spaces, I removed the cushion and draped the flat sheet over my chair and got to pinning.

1.) After draping the sheet (wrong-side up) over the chair, adjust (but not tuck) so that the bottom edge is even all the way around.

2.) Pin in the places where there is just too much fabric, corners, curves, etc. to fit the sheet to your chair’s shape.  Spend a lot of time on this step. The more pins and time, the easier it will be to sew and the better it will look.

***For a No-Sew Slipcover, use a bunch of safety-pin to fit the sheet.***

3.) Gently pull the sheet off of the chair, turn right-side up and place back on the chair to check the fit. You will likely do this step at least twice, just remember the more time you spend here the better it will look.

*** No-Sew: after this step you’re done! Just pull a pillow case over the seat cushion and you’re good to go.***

As you can see I needed to adjust the pinning at the back cushion inner curves.

4.) Once you have it just how you want it, cut the excess fabric  about half an inch away from the pins.

5.) Sew the, now cut, seams. (This is where I added a little trim)

Not too shabby, eh? Well...kind of Shabby-Chic. 😉

6.) The seat cushion is as simple as making pillows. Measure the top square (or rectangle in my case) from side to side, and add an inch to each measurement. Cut two squares, that size. for the gusset (the strip that goes around the width) do the same, adding that inch to the width and length.

7.) Sew that all together, leaving the back open at one seam so you can slip the cushion in there.

8.) Finishing the edge for the cushion cover has a few options. You can hand stitch it closed, use hook and loop (like Velcro) pieces, or if you’re lazy like me and out of velcro you can safety-pin it shut.

Finished product!

I can’t wait to post some finished room pictures!

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Suffering from Withdrawal!

I’m surprised I’m not shaking. It’s been sooooooo loooooong since I’ve sewn or crafted something it’s putting me a little on edge. The sewing room is coming along, but what’s taking the most time is the drywall. Since my room is in the slowly-being-finished-basement, the mud is not drying as quickly as it should.

ARUGHHHHHH! <—-aggravation

I’ve been checking out my favorites like Tea Rose Home, and One Pretty Thing (which is featuring ME  today!) and just itching to try some of the crafts I’ve seen.


All in time. As soon as I can get the final layer of mud slapped and sanded, I’ll be ready for the fun stuff… like painting, and decorating!  (I’m really wanting to put together a lamp like this on Blue Cricket Design for the room)


You can bet that when it comes time I’ll have some tutorials for those deco projects as I tackle them.  Happy Crafting!

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Taking a Break

Due to construction on a new sewing room (yay!) I will be taking a little break from posting. Please enjoy the links to the right, though, for more sewing or crafting fun!

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A Sweet Little Pin Cushion-No Sew

Today, I had a nagging pain in my neck and head. Today, I had dishes and laundry piled up. Today, the laundry just isn’t getting done. Today, I needed a simple craft. Something quick and pretty, with almost instant gratification.Today…I stumbled upon the sweet little pin cushion tutorial from Creations By Kara. Perfect!

I gathered my supplies…

Tuna Can, and coordinating Fabrics

Cut a strip and a circle…

I gathered and stuffed…

I glued…

And glued some more, then embellished…

Ahhhhhhhhh. I have crafted. My laundry is still there, but I feel my day is complete.

Do me a favor and check out Kara’s tutorial. She did a great job, and so will you!

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Nifty-Gifty: A Quick Little Basket with Sew or No-Sew Instructions

This sweet little recycling piece is actually a project I did in Summer Camp around the age of ten (in a group of 9-12 yr olds), using hot glue guns instead of sewing machines. It makes use of an old plastic bottle and fabric scraps; it’s a great fat quarter/scrap project;  AND it makes a perfect little gift basket for smaller items.

You Will Need:

  • A Plastic Bottle (2-Liter soda bottles work well)
  • Fabric
  • Trim
  • Glue Gun
  • Rubber band
  • Ribbon
  • Stuffing

1.)  Cut 2 circles from your fabric. I used a 13 inch pot-lid to trace them out, but I found it was just a little smaller than I wanted. I suggest a circle with a 15 inch diameter.

As you can see I chose 2 coordinating fabrics

2.) I find it easier to work with if I sew the trim to the right side of one circle…

3.) …then sew the second circle to the first one (right-sides together), sandwiching the trim between the two pieces. Leave a few inches unsewn  and turn right-side out. (P.S. If you don’t have a piping foot, a zipper foot is very helpful)


No-Sew Instructions:

1.)Iron a quarter-inch fold, towards the back, around the edges of both circles.

2.) Hot glue the trim to the back (wrong side) of one circle

3.) Then glue the second circle wrong-sides together to the trim, leaving a portion of the edge open to stuff.


4.) Stuff lightly.

5.) Cut the bottom off of the soda bottle about 4 or 5 inches up. The bottom will be your basket.

6.) Cut a strip of fabric long enough to cover the circumference of the bottle, and 8 inches wide. Hot glue this piece to the outside of the bottle, then fold to the inside of the bottle and glue down.

Glue outside

Glue inside

Folded inward

7.) Place the bottle on the center of the stuffed circle.  Gather the circle upward and secure with the rubber band.

8.) Cover the rubber band with a ribbon.

9.) Fill with whatever goodies you like: flowers; candy; potpourri; tea and crackers; soup mix; etc. Wouldn’t this be a great gift basket or craft/party favor?

I filled mine with the lovely Coffee Filter Flowers I made (yes, I said those flowers were MADE) from Aunt Peaches’ Blog.


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