Suffering from Withdrawal!

I’m surprised I’m not shaking. It’s been sooooooo loooooong since I’ve sewn or crafted something it’s putting me a little on edge. The sewing room is coming along, but what’s taking the most time is the drywall. Since my room is in the slowly-being-finished-basement, the mud is not drying as quickly as it should.

ARUGHHHHHH! <—-aggravation

I’ve been checking out my favorites like Tea Rose Home, and One Pretty Thing (which is featuring ME  today!) and just itching to try some of the crafts I’ve seen.


All in time. As soon as I can get the final layer of mud slapped and sanded, I’ll be ready for the fun stuff… like painting, and decorating!  (I’m really wanting to put together a lamp like this on Blue Cricket Design for the room)


You can bet that when it comes time I’ll have some tutorials for those deco projects as I tackle them.  Happy Crafting!


About A Stitchy Situation

I am a busy Mother of three who has a love of crafting... mainly sewing projects. I love to share what I learn, so I hope you will love my blog!
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2 Responses to Suffering from Withdrawal!

  1. Sewista Fashionista says:

    A new sewing room sounds so exciting! You must be delighted.

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