My New Sewing Room!

Once upon a time, I had a sewing room. I had to share it with the computer but I still had a large work area beside my drawers and cabinets. Then it happened…

…the computer room needed to be turned into a full blown office and my work space was gone, my drawers and cabinets stuck in a corner (cue sad violin music). I was forced to carry my sewing machine out to the dinning room table when I needed to use it and move it again when the table was required for eating or homework.

This was NOT conducive to creativity.

Oh how quickly things can change, though.

In early October, I was looking at our messy storage area in the basement and got to thinking that it had just enough space for a sewing room. What tipped the balance was that we really do need a guest room since my In-Laws live out of state and we love having them stay with us during visits.

So started our project. First thing needed was to clear out the construction area.

Pile o' Stuff on the opposite side of the basement

The Space to be Remodled...or Modeled since it's not really anything right now

Cleared out, we sealed the bricks and cement.

I just love a fresh coat of paint!

Then my wonderful husband could frame in the walls…

…and drywall.


I Mudded, sanded, primed, and painted.

We also installed a suspended ceiling

Brought in the guys from Lots Of Carpet…



And I have my room!

Looking Through The Door

There's the Slipcovered Chair (and some pillows I made as well)


I absolutely love having my own creative space and that it’s organized, too! When I step through the door I feel relaxed, peaceful, and ready to sew/paint/craft.  I do need to finish trimming the door frames, touch up the wall in some areas, and install doorknobs, though.

About A Stitchy Situation

I am a busy Mother of three who has a love of crafting... mainly sewing projects. I love to share what I learn, so I hope you will love my blog!
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7 Responses to My New Sewing Room!

  1. I would sit in that chair and never leave.

  2. Sewista Fashionista says:

    Congratulations! You must be so gratified that when you sit in your sewing space and create, the space itself is a product of your imagination and creativity. Good job!

  3. Renee says:

    I would love to be able to have a dedicated sewing room built–for now I have to share it with my office. 😦 It would be wonderful not to feel the need to “clean up” when I turn the lights off. Really love the color you chose, too! Looks so warm and cozy.

  4. Michellaneous says:

    That is so beautiful! You are very lucky to have the space! I currently live in a share house, so can’t really spread out or feel organised. I stumbled across your site as I have a cool old tablecloth that I thought “Jimminy Cricket! This would make a lovely skirt!” and google shone the way to your excellent tutorial! Thanks for an awesome and interesting blog,

    -Chell xo

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