I owe my love of handcrafts to my mother, who began handing her knowledge down to me at a very young age.

My earliest memory of attempting to make something on my own, was around the age of six.  As a gift, Mom had made a whole wardrobe for my Barbie and Ken (if you think making your own clothing is a headache, try miniature seams!). Finding the scraps of material, I cut two holes in one piece and, violia! Ken had a burgundy, velvet vest/jacket. The fact that it had a ruffled neckline somehow didn’t seem too feminine to me at the time…but then again it was a Ken Doll.

Throughout my young life, I periodicaly asked my mom if I could make such-and-such a craft, or sew something. In Junior High, I took a pair of ratty jeans and turned them into a purse. In High School, I had a specific design for a jacket in my head. We saw the perfect fabric, a cream and burgundy plaid (it was the 90’s, what can I say), and mom helped me take elements from two seperate jacket patterns and put them together to fit me vision.

More recently, I have made purses, quilts, decor items, slippers, and other apparel. Crafting is just a part of who I am. I can’t bring myself to buy a new Curtain at the store…it’s just too simple to make. It’s like a sickness. Fortunately, it effects most of the women in my family so I find myself in good company.


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