No-Sew Vest: Another Unisex, Versatile, Costume Piece

I am having so much fun this week! These costumes are challenging my imagination and forcing me to take a second look at what I already have. I hope you are doing the same.

Today’s tutorial is so simple I’m almost embarrassed to post it. This vest will make various costumes: Prince/King, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, etc. All from items you likely have in your closet right now! How’s that for fast and economical?

I have made vests for my boys by tracing out a pattern from an existing vest, so at first I thought I would do the same for today. Then I had an inspiration… why not use a t-shirt? It didn’t need any sewing, or pattern pieces. Those are the magic words!

You Will Need:

  • T-shirt, long enough for the costume you desire
  • Scissors

1.) First I found a large shirt I had bought on clearance.

2.) Since a vest is basically just a shirt without sleeves, I cut the sleeves off. I also cut a triangle out of the neck to make it look more vest-like.

3.)Here is where you customize it.  If  you want a Prince/King etc. vest leave the bottom straight. If you want Peter Pan or Tinker Bell, cut a jagged bottom. I was going for a fairy-type look so I make a couple of points in front and back.


Bottom cut, Turned Inside-out, and Ready to Wear!


I paired this vest with a white version of the Simple Sheath from yesterday’s blog, accessorize with gold rope trim, and put on some wings. For the guys, you might use a wide belt, sweat pants, and a long-sleeved shirt (a hat or crown would be great, too!)


Is that your Fairy-Godmother?


Wings tutorial coming up!

Check this out for an awesome tutorial for a Pipe Cleaner Crown!

Don’t forget the Gilded Crown I posted in the Knight’s Tunic blog.

About A Stitchy Situation

I am a busy Mother of three who has a love of crafting... mainly sewing projects. I love to share what I learn, so I hope you will love my blog!
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