Casual Friday: Using up Leftovers for a Smashing Scarf

I will admit it…I have a very hard time throwing any piece of material away. I know some day I will need just that fabric in just that amount for a project.

In that vein, thought, or… some might say… obsession; we’re using the discarded bottom of the jumper from yesterday (remember we cut a large chunk to shorten the dress) to make a fashionable, drape-y scarf. You may have an old shirt, sweater, blanket (how great would a fringe-y fleece be!?), or piece of fabric, you’d like to use. The options are endless!

The piece I cut from the jumper was approximately 12 in. wide by 60 in. long.


Scrap from the Jumper


1.) Since this used to be the bottom of a dress the first thing I did was take out the hem, and press it flat. I can use all the width I can get!


Being a Basic Hem Stitch Makes Quick Work of Ripping it Out


2.) I squared up the edges, and since it wasn’t quite long enough I cut it in half.


Getting all squared away



Half Off


3.) To get the extra length I desired, I sewed my two pieces together at the end. (If you have a particularly ravel-prone fabric you may want to zig-zag over the edges as well)


All together now


4.) I now had one long piece and could put it on to figure out how long I needed it to be. Then I cut off any extra.

5.) Almost done!Ā  I then took my piece to the ironing board, folded it in half right-sides together, and pressed.


Pressing on


6.) Sew the scarf starting from one short end, continuing down the long edge and stopping at the other end. Leave this end open for turning right-side out.


Start at one end, turn the corner then...




...continue right down the long edge (that's my youngest, cheesing LOL)



7.) Lastly, just turn your long tube right-side out (the most time consuming part of this project), press, fold in the open end, and stitch closed.



Sewing up loose ends




As easy as that you have a lovely new accessory, that likely compliments your already existing wardrobe!


The best part? This is completely customizable. You can make it longer, shorter, sew a gathering stitch up the middle for a ruffle style, add fringe, fray the ends, whatever! Need a more masculine version… how about using a flannel shirt?

What will you use?


About A Stitchy Situation

I am a busy Mother of three who has a love of crafting... mainly sewing projects. I love to share what I learn, so I hope you will love my blog!
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2 Responses to Casual Friday: Using up Leftovers for a Smashing Scarf

  1. Carlie Parks says:

    Great Blog post šŸ™‚ Super simple and good use of extras!!

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