A Quick Update: Bringing a 90’s Jumper into the 21st Century


Why was this ever fashionable?


When I see jumpers, I think of 3rd grade teachers from the 90’s, and mothers of  15+ kids. Really they do nothing for anyone’s shape.  So, what shall we do with these out of touch garments? Let’s bring it up to to date with a quick make over.

1.) The first thing I did was fix the length. I put it on and pinned it up until I liked where the hem laid, then cut it about an inch longer.


Pinned Up





2.) The next thing was that lovely neckline. Removing the buttons and pinning the straight edges back was the key to making a jumper go from flop to pop.


Buh-Bye Buttons!



Heloooo Nifty Neckline!


I then stitched the new neckline down.

3.) Now for the back. One way to mix it up is to cinch and secure it with a pin, easy enough. I wanted a small band pulling the back in, so I  removed the ties and used one to make the band, and cut off the extra length. I then turned it inside out so the seam would be hidden.


Pin Cinch a la Marissa from newdressaday.com



Making of the Band


4.) All that’s left is sewing the new hem (I like to do this step last, just in case I have to take in the sides first). I use my iron to fold the hem edge up, then stitch.




That’s all it takes to go from drab to fab! I paired it with a belt to up the cuteness factor. Check out the new look:

What do you think? Are there items shoved to the back of your closet that could use a fresh look?

About A Stitchy Situation

I am a busy Mother of three who has a love of crafting... mainly sewing projects. I love to share what I learn, so I hope you will love my blog!
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4 Responses to A Quick Update: Bringing a 90’s Jumper into the 21st Century

  1. I love your jumper transformation!

  2. Sewista Fashionista says:

    Those jumpers are oh-so-comfortable but you are right, they don’t do much for the figure. Neat refashioning.

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